"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

-William Shakespeare

Saturday, January 29, 2011

James Dean Fun Fact #3 : favorite ice cream flavor- Coffee and Raspberry

Friday, January 28, 2011

Have a Heart, Have a Heart

i loooveee this video, yooo

Rill Rill- Sleigh Bells

People walk into the sea, Just to find memories...

my second favorite flower, poppies ;]

Shake Me Down- Cage The Elephant

You're just a weatherman; We make the wind blow....

stunning solid walnut headboard. reminds me of staying in a cabin in the mts. or somethinn...

Rill Rill- Sleigh Bells


-kissing in the street? right here? right now??
- i don’t care… i havent seen you in a long while, babe . ;]Hendrix . trees -________-
reminded me of the Beatles and my brother . TAH!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TheWannabeNomadJournal- 103

i was watching Mamma Mia! ALL weekend and i realized how muchh i wanted to go to GREECE! it seems (and i'm pretty sure is) beautiful! the white washed houses on step hills, the rocky beaches, the market places, the cobble roads, all of it seems grrrreat! me and my best buuud plan to go! ;] 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Stay Gold, Ponyboy, Stay Gold..."

"Stay Gold Ponyboy" [The Outs Hooded Sweatshirt

i REALLY want this hoodie, yo! i think imma buy it with my birthday money! :D


Go To WORK .

my preface to my novel. Kids with Cigarettes

Lily’s had a hard year. Though she doesn’t complain, she knows she’s resentful towards everyone, until she meets Johnny… an angel who takes her back to the simple days of 1956. Where greasers like himself didn’t have it so easy, but played the cards they were dealt with grace. With an upcoming, high stakes rumble with their rival gang luring by Lily grows indefinitely close to the shy yet courageous Joey. But when one of their own jeopardizes everyone, will the same things matter anymore or is she just completely out of touch with her own bitter reality?

Even on a Cloudy Day . . .

Elen Page plays the laydown game around New York City! Where... you laydown in odd places and take a pic of it! [x

Shake Me Down- Cage The Elephant

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sunsets and Vanilla Cake!
-Happy 16th Birthday to me!

i had a pretty good, though my mom's sick and drugged up on that post-chemo shot. but. my brother made it fun! he made me breakfast and we're gonna destroy my lovely vanilla cake together

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No time for cameras, we'll use our eyes instead..

meaning: help     origin: hebrew

Cameras- Matt and Kim

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old will some day become New

i saw this really cool post from Miss.Moss showing old Hollywood actress and how to get there looks! these are Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner.


the Eightenth.

today seemed so long. i was going to stay afterschool for fxh conditioning but no one went so me and my buds just went to a sca meeting and... eh. not going to that again. then we went to Sal's and grabbed a slice. and i was cold ALL, like it was cold as balls in my english class!
well last week my novel was completely erased (well corrupted) from my flashdrive and that was the only place i kept the finished version, BUT i found a unfinished, unedited version... i finished but now i just gotta edit it... hopes not completely lost there... i watched Jersey Shore last night and it was funnyyyy! oh and i watched Skins today since my stupid tv blocked and it was pretty good.

Monday, January 17, 2011

everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold...

this is a pretty amazing cover of Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" by Lissie

Gray and Bare. Fun and Fair.

haaa... this was... umm... a pretty good weekennnd. saturday i got my highlights (yay!)! and they look nice i might say. sunday i went to church then slept all day..... saturday was supposed to be my fake birthday since my mom has chemo this weekend (and my birthday's on saturday so) but i would definately say today was my lovely fake birthday because today i went to Barnes&Noble's and got a really cool notebook (shown above) thennnn we went to the amazing Jason's Deli and a great lunch then we came home and watched movies! oh and i got new sockss! ;]

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stay Gold.
i really want this tatt (in this font)! and if you never read it, it's a quote from the book, The Outsiders, "Stay Gold, Ponyboy." i just kept it simple and left as "Stay Gold" because my friends do call me Ponyboy"... and today i changed the title of my blog (i unfortunately still have the same url) to the same thing, Stay Gold, because nobody really knew what "Waking Up to a Roxbury Dawn" meant (including me), i kind of just made it up, so yeah. it was too longgg.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Levi's&Coca-Cola. . . we AMERICAN over here!

"Every Blue Moon"

i made this shortstory to be the central idea in my latest novel of the same name, "Every Blue Moon"

Everyone says the Moon is a girl, but actually it’s a guy. He was very lonesome. He missed his only buddy the Sun all the time. The only time he could see the Sun was at twilight and dawn, but the whole night long he was lonely. It was just him at night surrounded by an endless sea of black sky, and eventually he turned blue with sadness. So God hated to see the Moon so lonesome, so he gave him stars that twinkled and brightened the empty sky. The Moon had never ever seen anything so beautiful and bright. The stars were girls. And right then the Moon realized that he wouldn’t be lonely anymore; whether there are a thousand stars or twelve, there’s at least one to keep him company. The Moon fell head over heels in love and they had a kid together, Mars. And the Moon will never ever be lonesome anymore. That’s why they say ‘every blue moon’, because it’ll never happen again, you know? The End.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

So even if they ban us, they'll never slow my plans up

Skins is a new upcoming show on Mtv premiering Jan.17th... It's original origins is in the UK and i hear that it's not gonna be as good as the UK Skins, but since i've never seen it, i wouldn't know.. ;]
it looks prettty accurate about teenagers: drugs, boyfriends/girlfriends, alcohol, school, friends, sex, parents . . .
Oh and the premiere of the 3rd season of Jersey Shore was a boomin!

The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco (Lasers - March 8th!!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strumming my pain with his fingers, Singin my life with his words....

cute boybriefs&boyshorts undies from American Eagle's, Aerie
p.s. i like their undies[:

Killin Me Softly- The Fugees

Believe me when I tell you, I'll never do you no harm

Blanket of Stars
print of a original illustration, "Blanket of Stars", by Aimee Sicuro on Etsy

Oh! Darling- The Beatles

Monday, January 3, 2011

Taupe and Leather.

i absolutely love these boots from forever 21!


this is a color comparison series by Miss.Moss who matched street style photographs w/old art; i thought it was clever [x


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who Says Women Aren't Funny?

i love Saturday Night Live and especially the hilarious ladies of SNL who make the show what it is, which is no longer a boys club.

"Who Says Women Aren't Funny?" Article by Vanity Fair

I'm relaxxxed (sigh)

Well this Winter Break was pretty good (though only ONE week).... Everyday pretty much i've been waking up at noon! And i don't even do that in the summer so it was just great! And of course we had all the snow/ice issues with the roads, but of course since we live here we put sand on the roadsss [x monday went to the mall w/my best bud to blow my Christmas money ($90:) and that was crazy... it was amazingly/terribly crowded and we were unsurprisingly seeing people we know at Forever21 (i got a gress, sweater, and purse). i slept on the coach (my choosing) the whole week and i watched a marathon of Hey Arnold (best cartoon)! and i ate prolly my favorite, simplest meals: toasted peanut butter & jelly sandwich with a cup of milk [: so yeah winter break was pretty good. ughh, having to wake up at six in the morning again, ughh.... on new year's eve i watched a Rocky marathon and yesterday i was watching "When Harry Met Sally".

Saturday, January 1, 2011

a kiss to build a dream onnn... -Louis Armstrong

wedding photos by caroline tran
wedding dresses hanging
Caitlin + Simon
they got married at The Boston Public Library; i thought that was cool, and i really like her vintage dress from etsy[:
i like what the guy said:
 “Two weeks before our wedding we were dealing with a hurricane at sea. Our wedding was much more intense, and more exhilarating. There was a bite to the breeze as the evening descended and my beautiful bride entered in that stunning dress. I will never forget the feeling of the strings resonating through the courtyard as the fountain silenced. We smiled and suppressed shivers throughout the ceremony, then we read each other the vows we had written and suddenly we were married. I think we kissed before we were pronounced. Then it was just a warm sea of congratulations ebbing into a cocktail party of cool people and incredible food. Friends of ours becoming friends of each other. Stealing a secret first dance with Caitlin after the speeches, before anyone noticed, trying to remember salsa and just loving each other. DJ on the juliet balcony above, market umbrellas and little paper lanterns a surrounding blur. It was perfect. All of it.”