"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

-William Shakespeare

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"...I'm sick of all the insincere/ So i'm gonna give all my secrets away..."

today was pret good [; this was the first day of my writing class downtown.. ofcourse i had my doubts (it's gonna b lame,etc), but i really liked it.. it was like a little nook in the world where you actually felt like you could "THINK"... there was about six other girls there and they were cool [: the guy (well, instructor) was cool too... we did this excercise where we closed our eyes and he was saying: imagine there's a staircase in front of you, you walk down the staircase to a door, you open it to ur writing country, you go further down and there's a structure, in it is a being, they give u a gift, u leave and look north south east and west, and imagine what u see, then u climb back up the stair, and that's it...
it was really cool cause everyone in the class had very different "writing country's" and structures and "beings"... mine was like this: i went down these old wooden stairs (like ones in a house) then there was this white antique looking paint-chipped door, and i went in and it was like a beach and it was sunsety out, but the ocean was way out. i went along this cobblestone path with christmas liek strings of light above, and then i came to this structure w/ roman pillars and my being was one of the "wild things" from where the wild things are, and he gave me a polaroid camera and i took pictures of everything i saw but i forgot to pick them up and they were left along the path. and along the path there were wild things pointing back to the stairs. and that's my "writing country' [;
after class we went to the mall and went shopping for father's day tomorrow and came home and that's bout it [;

"Secrets"- OneRepublic

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