"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

-William Shakespeare

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lost in the Warm Summer Twilights...

yesterday i was in and out of the house all day! 1st went to the bank to deposit some money:D [Cha-Ching:] Then went to my second home [Barnes & Nobles] and got a new book [A Midsummer's Night Dream]. It's kind of hard cause it's in shakespearian language but they have notes on the side. Then came back home, then went back out to the mall!!! went to Bath & Body Works and got some new perfume and lotion!![smells freak'n awesome!] Then.. we went to Pacsun [fav store] and I got a cool new dress and an aqua blue v-neck w/a cat on it even though i hate cats [but it's still awesome:] then later on I went to Norfolk Tides game and got really good seats up front. [and a awesome foam finger!!!:] But... we were 2 hours early so we had to listen to these Beatles imposers for 2 hrs. [my dad was singing w/them the whole time!!] Then people started to come and that was HORRIBLE! there was this big loud guy yelling behind us which was burning my eardrums! and a old drunk lady cop'n a feel on these two old men two rows in front. AND this couple next to me were practically making out! [get a room!] AND we were trapped in the middle of our row, so it was a MAJOR hassle to get up. But game wise we were winning.i really wanted to go home. all i wanted to do was the wave and we didn't even do that! So it started to get late and we got up and tried to get to the seats up top cause we couldn't take anymore of the drunkies sitting next to us. along the yeah we got strawberries snow cones [which were f'n awesome]. we finally got up top [got a little lost] and it was so...peaceful! and we could see everything perfectly! the view was gorgeous of the harbor under the moon. and the weather was amazing! i guess that's the phenomenon of summers. the warm, and breezy nights. well my mom ate her snow cone at record speed. and by the time we got up top she was finished w/her snow cone and she was ready to go. and on the way home we got some ice cream:] so my day had some ups and downs, but it's all good!

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